Installing astropath

This document describes how to install the astropath repository.

Installing Dependencies

We have and will continue to keep the number of dependencies low. There are a few standard packages that must be installed and little more.

In general, we recommend that you use Anaconda or pip for the majority of these installations.

Detailed installation instructions are presented below:


astropath depends on the following list of Python packages.

We recommend that you use Anaconda to install and/or update these packages.

If you are using Anaconda, you can check the presence of these packages with:

conda list "^python|numpy|astropy|scipy|pandas"

If the packages have been installed, this command should print out all the packages and their version numbers.

Installing astropath

Presently, you must download the code from github:

#go to the directory where you would like to install specdb.
git clone

From there, you can build and install with:

cd astropath
python install  # or use develop

This should install the package and any related scripts. Make sure that your PATH includes the standard location for Python scripts (e.g. ~/anaconda/bin)